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Motul 6100 Synergie 

Lubricant for gas and diesel engines
API SJ/CF approval

The 6100 SYNERGIE line is especially designed for
recently developed powerful cars. These 100%
optimize the performance of gas as well as diesel
engines. Formulated through MOTUL's experience
in synthetic products, they fulfill the specific
requirements of car manufacturers. 

Large displacement, multivalve, turbo diesel engines, or gas injection and catalytic exhaust. Usable with any gas or diesel engine, using any kind of
fuel, whether leaded or unleaded, diesel oil or liquefied gas.
A reply to the driving conditions demanding most from the engines and their lubricants :
- sporty driving
- long motorway journeys
- trips too short for a proper warm-up
- heavy hauls (trailers or caravans)
- city use (fuel washout during protracted idle, high running temperature for lack of engine cooling).

Officially approved for API SL/CF - Energy Conserving*, ACEA A3/B3/B4
and CCMC G-4/PD-2 or G-5/PD-2 (*),
as well as for the following manufacturers' standards : VW * 502 00/505 00, Mercedes p. 229.3, BMW Long Life *, PORSCHE *, ROVER.
3600 hours of engine bench tests showed the 6100 SYNERGIE line ability to :
- protect against mechanical (friction) and chemical abrasion (combustion residues, corrosion of metal parts, lubricant oxidation)
- keep the engine clean from sludge, goo and charred sediments
- improve engine performance, reduce fuel (from 1.5 to 2.6 %) and lubricant consumption (PORSCHE's test demands a lower volatilization than the usual NOACK test)
- promote safety and comfort through a long-life lubricant, keeping its performance up to the highest standards, whatever the oil change intervals recommended by the car manufacturers
- improve cold starts and protect the engine all the year round, whatever the climate and the chosen viscosity grade. 

PORSCHE's approval requires 120 hours of bench test of a six-cylinder engine, alternating full charge (to simulate motorway driving) and moderate charge (road and city use) : this comes to the same as twelve 1000 km journeys, with one hour of traffic jam on the way, all without switching the engine off.
By meeting such standards, the 6100 SYNERGIE's shall protect every engine, at high speed as with the worst overheat conditions, such as traffic jams.

Oil changes : as by the manufacturer's recommendation, to be adapted
depending on the vehicle's primary-city or road-use.
The 6100 SYNERGIE's may be mixed with mineral as well as synthetic








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